MINETRAIN is a European Research Project funded by EIT Raw Materials.MINETRAIN’s objective is to develop an advanced level training program for mining industry professionals. The novelty of this education is that it provides learners with a holistic view of the whole mine lifecycle, as well as opportunities to test both skills and mining equipment in an actual deep mine site, that is the Pyhäsalmi minelocated in Central Finland. This project will also assess the viability of using a closing mine for such novel, high quality teaching for professionals and students.

Project Objectives and Scope

Updating and increasing the knowledge of mining professionals on various areas in the mining and mineral processing industry is expected to result in more sustainable mining projects: better operating mines with improved economy and more efficient waste and water management systems.

The scope of this research project is to establish a framework for the commercially feasible training programs to be offered to the mining professionals by holding practical, multidisciplinary, lifelong learning educational courses at the mine site. Thus, the aim of MINETRAIN is to develop and pilot such lifelong learning courses for mine operators across all phases of a mine lifecycle.

To achieve this aim, a number of objectives have been set:

  • to design a multidisciplinary course for mining professionals;
  • to ensure that stringent health & safety standards can be maintained during the course;
  • to ensure that the site can accommodate course personnel and students so they can plan, carry out and reflect upon practical assignments at the site;
  • to ensure the practical viability of holding the courseby testing and training modules at pilot scale;
  • to recruit the first intake of course participants for the lifelong learning course;
  • to pilot the course successfully;
  • to reflect upon the lessons learned and the implications for holding future courses at the mine site.

The training package will consist of full immerse courses covering the whole life of the mining cycle.